inground vinyl liner

Our history Offers inground vinyl liner swimming pools for South Florida. Our patented design takes a standard vinyl liner. also offers vinyl liners to replace vinyl liners in any existing vinyl liner pool in south Florida. Liners are replaceable, new homeowners unfamiliar with inground vinyl liner pools, often buy houses with the vinyl liner pools empty and in disrepair. Frequently the liner will have a large tear in it and trees might be growing inside. The customer assumes that because it looks so unsightly the pool is beyond repair. This is quite contrary to the truth. Often they will bring in a pool builder who will say “this pool is shot it needs to be removed and ill build you a new one out of cement. If the customer does not do his research, and “buys” this pitch, he than spends $30,000 on a cement pool. The customer just lost $27,000. What the new homeowner doesn’t understand is that pool was beautiful functional sparkling clean for the past 12 years and now like brake pads ,tires on a car, or diamond bright or mar cite on a cement pool, the liner has wore out from use and is no longer structurally sound. A pool liner can be replaced and restored to brand new showroom condition generally for less than $3000 dollars. When you install that liner you restore it to original $30,000 condition. Vinyl is replaceable the structures themselves are as solid as cement pools. @ we equate this to you buying a brand new Mercedes. You drive it for 7 years and 70,000 miles and the tires wear out. You don’t throw away the car you simply and inexpensively replace the tires. And you drive for another 7 years. The staff and associate of has sold and installed over 2000 liners in existing vinyl liner pools Broward, West Palm and Dade and Monroe counties. We have sold and had installed over 600 complete inground vinyl liner Caribbean pool kits. Houses we’ve installed them range from 60k-8 million dollar range the average median house is about 300k. has sold and installed pools as far as Oslo Norway and Georgetown Cayman islands. also has a pool franchise in Moss Norway. Pool kits start at $7599.00 you can have one installed by a licensed GC for approx 4,000.00 and up should you not have a GC we can provide you with a list of Contractors familiar with our construction. You can visit our website at for more information

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  • Why Choose Caribbean Pools US?

    Over the years customers had few choices when investing in backyard swimming pools. On average, most consumers had to spend from $1,600 to $6,000 for an above ground pool or $25,000 – $32,000 for a base model in ground pool. Additionally, an in ground pool requires the inconvenience of a lengthy three to six month project that disrupts your lifestyle and turns your backyard into a construction site.