VINYL CARE Chlorination:

VINYL CARE Chlorination:


Vinyl, being a truly organic substance has gone through it many gambits of changes mostly by its forerunner and benefactor DuPont! Gone are the shaky years of ply wood walls and glued seems, to be replaced with aluminum alloy walls and radio frequency welded liner seams. Technology has caught up and has reinvented the wheel and made it learn to fly. The vinyl pools of today require minimal care. Liquid chlorine, those irreverent yellow jugs that ruin your clothes and trunk carpet, are not made for repeated use on this organic finish. They are made to bleach the man made stucco walls of diamond bright. The use of liquid chlorine is too strong and actual takes out the flexibility of your vinyl turning it into something more like plastic. Vinyl is made from rubber and should be chlorinated as needed this is done with several automatic chlorinators. These are non electric and works by erosion it uses the water pressure to erode the 3” stabilized tablets introducing chlorine slowly and steadily chlorinating every molecule of water the same. This makes the liner last longer rather than just dumping it in the center of a pool where ,liquid chlorine, being heavier than water can settle in the bottom of your vinyl and hyper chlorinate your liner degrading it to lose its water tight ability we are so fond about. So with the addition of these units you can control how much chlorine to administer to your pool. Now you say great, I will get one of those floating units, the type that you would flip over as a kid and get gassed. Wrong! These units are the reason why vinyl liner companies are at full production they ruin liners. The chlorine tab being dissipated by the same 3” tab the difference of gravity feed,, it doesn’t not have the pressure of water to mix it and as a result the chlorine turns to liquid in the water and settles to the bottom and turns into liquid chlorine minus the yellow jug and ruined carpet in your SUV. The common symptoms of this are brain like wrinkles that form as the chlorine actually shrinks the molecules in the vinyl and pulls it together forming the closely spaced Brain wrinkles. This is a sure a sign its time to replace your liner because of avoidable chlorine damage. We hope this article has been help full good swimming

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