Caribbean Pools allow you the financial flexibility to own your beautiful swimming pool for far less than the price of concrete.

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Caribbean Pools.US  offers Pool Liners and Inground and above ground vinyl Swimming Pools, we are located in Fort Lauderdale.

Over the years customers had few choices when investing in backyard swimming pools. On average, most consumers had to spend from $1,600 to $6,000 for an above ground pool or $25,000 – $40,000 for a base model in ground pool. Additionally, an in ground pool requires the inconvenience of a lengthy three to six month project that disrupts your lifestyle and turns your backyard into a construction site.

Most Realtors will tell you, the chances of recouping your original investment dollars on a cement pool, should you sell your home are fair to none. Standard above ground units; while costing far less than cement; do not have the visual appeal of the in ground models. Additionally, above ground pools are more susceptible to damage from general use, weather, accidents, etc. and many homeowner associations do not allow their installation.
For a little more than the cost of an above ground pool you can own a quality in ground pool. Our base models begin at $3,999.00. These units are easily installed and engineered from the finest quality aircraft grade materials and come with a 25 – year warranty. Caribbean Pools Inc allow you the financial flexibility to own your beautiful swimming pool for far less than the price of concrete.

Caribbean Pools  VS. CONCRETE

Caribbean Pools INC are identical visually to concrete or Gunite. They have been designed to be durable and affordable. Comparable in strength to concrete or Gunite, our pools have been engineered to be five times stronger than structurally required. At Caribbean, we feel if something is over engineered it will be stronger and last longer. Our 25 – year warranty reflects our commitment to quality.  Something which can not be done with concrete. Our liners are custom crafted using the finest quality virgin vinyl found on the market today. These are not the liners of the past, but amazing new space age beaded liners imprinted with mosaic Aztec tile borders to imitate ceramic tile and concrete. Included in your purchase is a choice of many vinyl liner patterns which look identical to concrete and last three times as long as Marcite , but at only 1/4 the cost.

Fiberglass inground vinyl pool no

The Florida Pools has the best fiberglass vinyl liner pool. A vinyl liner for a custom pool if fiberglassed, it will either fail immediately, which means it will split, and not hold water, or fail within 5 years if your lucky, more like 2 years, it also costs almost triple the price of vinyl, and vinyl which lasts upwards of 20 years, so if you make the stupid move of glass, your going to have to replace it immediately or within 5 years, it's triple the cost, and your going to have to pay an additional $2,000 to reconvert it back to the vinyl track, and skimmers, the company who convinced you to do this will be out if biz because they have been sued, so many times, a vinyl pool structure moves, it does, it is not cement, and when it moves the fiberglass cracks, plain and simple, and diamond bright, even worse, don't even consider doing this. Basically by trying to retrofit You will lose $7,000 dollars, also if you have a pool and you want to add security surface around the pool, you can contact services like Soft Surfaces to help you in this area. It can't be done, correctly, where it is a solution, Stick with vinyl or go to Alkorplan geothermal PVC Membrane which is better than any solution out there it lasts 40 years, so make sure you hire professional like these Gunite Pool Builders to get the job done right.

Our history Offers inground vinyl liner swimming pools for South Florida. Our patented design takes a standard vinyl liner. also offers vinyl liners to replace vinyl liners in any existing vinyl liner pool in south Florida. Liners are replaceable, new homeowners unfamiliar with inground vinyl liner pools, often buy houses with the vinyl liner pools empty and in disrepair. Frequently the liner will have a large tear in it and trees might be growing inside. The customer assumes that because it looks so unsightly the pool is beyond repair. This is quite contrary to the truth. Often they will bring in a pool builder who will say “this pool is shot it needs to be removed and ill build you a new one out of cement. If the customer does not do his research, and “buys” this pitch, he than spends $30,000 on a cement pool. The customer just lost $27,000. What the new homeowner doesn’t understand is that pool was beautiful functional sparkling clean for the past 12 years and now like brake pads ,tires on a car, or diamond bright or mar cite on a cement pool, the liner has wore out from use and is no longer structurally sound. A pool liner can be replaced and restored to brand new showroom condition generally for less than $3000 dollars. When you install that liner you restore it to original $30,000 condition. Vinyl is replaceable the structures themselves are as solid as cement pools. @ we equate this to you buying a brand new Mercedes. You drive it for 7 years and 70,000 miles and the tires wear out. You don’t throw away the car you simply and inexpensively replace the tires. And you drive for another 7 years. The staff and associate of has sold and installed over 2000 liners in existing vinyl liner pools Broward, West Palm and Dade and Monroe counties. We have sold and had installed over 600 complete inground vinyl liner Caribbean pool kits. Houses we’ve installed them range from 60k-8 million dollar range the average median house is about 300k. has sold and installed pools as far as Oslo Norway and Georgetown Cayman islands. also has a pool franchise in Moss Norway. Pool kits start at $7599.00 you can have one installed by a licensed GC for approx 4,000.00 and up should you not have a GC we can provide you with a list of Contractors familiar with our construction. You can visit our website at for more information

$9999 swimming pool special

$9999 swimming pool special Complete inground pool for $9999.00 Broward, West Palm, Miami Dade counties only offers our Family value pool. Yes we will have installed by a licensed contractor a 15’ 5200 gallon swimming pool. This swimming pool is designed for people with not allot of space or not allot of money. It is guaranteed to get you wet is 58” deep and you will be able to float on your raft with a beverage of your choice in your hand, it is also guaranteed to stop kids from screaming in your house, when they are in the pool. Also this is the only pool you actually get for free. FREE? Yes because any size pool, concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass will only add $10,000 to the price of your house. Ask your realtor, you will get ten thousand dollars added to the appraised value of your house when you sell it simply because you’ve added a pool. A cement pool is no investment, they are $30,000 average. When you sell your house you only get $10,000 added to the sale price. It cost you $20,000 out of your pocket and took four months to put in. you work hard for your money!. Give us a call +1 954-647-0141 or visit our website @ Comes with Complete inground tool kit 28 mil inground (not above ground) virgin vinyl liner of your choice (many tile patterns to choose from) Hayward 1 horse Super pump Hayward C900 easy clean canister filter Pentair 100 watt pool light and 12v 200 watt programmable transformer with built in photo cell. Pool light can be programmed for seven digital settings; Automatic on at dusk off at daybreak is just one of the functions Does not include: Cement or paver walkway Any building permits or fees FAQ Q : How much is an average deck by a builder? A: A three feet unfinished cement deck around the pool for about a thousand Q: How long to install? A: A typical install is about two weeks plus inspections Q : Is electrical included? A: no a standard 110 Volt double electrical outlet is required. At the equipment pad, The Hayward pump and light plug into a standard GFI outlet with a standard pig tail plug which is provided.

Chemical Maintenence

Here is a hot list of pool chemicals Caribbean Pools. US  recommends to make your life easier.   Shock: 5 bags of vinyl safe shock Algaecide: Copper Sulfate works the best Chlorine Tablets : 1 bucket Liquid chlorine: 5 gallons Chlorine test strips: 1 bottle The shock: is used for when your pool turns cloudy, say for example you took a trip with the family and when you returned you found the pool cloudy, this is typically bacteria multiplying, so when you add the shock it’s a sterilization chemical, this will make your pool clear, if its green at all you have algae as well and all the shock in the world will not clear your pool you need to shock the pool first than put in the algaecide for a double dose. Algaecide: if the pool water turns green you have algae, if the walls turn yellow you have mustard algae if the walls and floor get black spots well than you have black algae. The cure for all this is Copper sulfate. You cannot buy the diluted type that says 20% or 30%, these are for maintenance doses in the hot summer when you know algae is coming. If you have visible algae, it should cost about 25 dollars for 18 ounces. It’s blue or a olive oil color, and when poured into your Caribbean or Hawaiian pool it turns the water into a milky white. Wait one day and brush the algae off the walls and the floor of the pool. You must clean your filter constantly because the algae will clog your filter, it’s supposed to your pool is like a thick soup and you must turn it back into pure water. Run your pool pump nonstop and clean your filter diligently every 5 hours until your pool is crystal clear you may need to brush it a couple more times to remove even the most stubborn algae, your pool should turn back to crystal clear in about three days, you might want to treat it with preventative as discussed above to prevent a future outbreak. Chlorine Tabs:  we recommend a 30 Lb bucket of 3” Individually wrapped chlorine tabs, to be kept with the lid on near your chlorinator. This makes the up keep of your pool a very simple process, never use a floating chlorinator in your pool as it will destroy your liner prematurely. Also never put tablets in your skimmer it will destroy the seals in your expensive pump and filter system. It is recommended that you never, ever throw them in your pool they will eat a whole right through the vinyl. Always use as directed with the automatic chlorinator that was sold with your pool Liquid chlorine: Use sparingly! Little Rachel’s birthday pool party is tomorrow and you let the chlorine tablets run out absentmindedly, now the pool is a little cloudy and the parents are on the way. You can’t use shock because it is too strong and you do not have the time to let it dissipate. Simply add 2 to three gallons in a 9’x18’ and above is all it takes, make sure you use a chlorine test kit to make sure it is at the recommended level. The chlorine test kit: is best bought with the chlorine strip technology simply open the bottle pull out a strip and dip it in the pool compare on the side of the bottle to what are acceptable chlorine levels.        

No pilings for caribbean vinyl pools

Caribbean pools can save you a boat load of money, especially if you live on the water, A pool installed on a canal with pilings can run upwards of $38,000 to $45,000 by a reputable local builder. Most pool companies make you sign a general contract with many hidden charges.  Once they submit to building and zoning a grey haired inspector scratches his chin. and decides you need a soil test! Not so bad about $400 later the test is done and you get the shock. Pin pilings! any where from $5000-$10,000. Your under contract, you must pay for these needed extra supports as they are needed, so your fiberglass or concrete pool will not turn into a boat and pop out of the ground. Caribbean pools require no pin pilings or pilings of any sort. Our unique design is exempt from these structural supports. Although completely necessary with shell pools such as  gunite or fiberglass, Vinyl will not crack, where the other construction designs will. Vinyl  is flexible and can move if the earth settles or a flash flood such as cbd products hurricane tries to push it out of the ground. These durable units were created in Broward county and mother nature has tested them thoroughly, approx 13 hurricanes from 1996-2011, our oldest South florida  pool was installed in 1996.

VINYL CARE Chlorination:

VINYL CARE Chlorination: Vinyl, being a truly organic substance has gone through it many gambits of changes mostly by its forerunner and benefactor DuPont! Gone are the shaky years of ply wood walls and glued seems, to be replaced with aluminum alloy walls and radio frequency welded liner seams. Technology has caught up and has reinvented the wheel and made it learn to fly. The vinyl pools of today require minimal care. Liquid chlorine, those irreverent yellow jugs that ruin your clothes and trunk carpet, are not made for repeated use on this organic finish. They are made to bleach the man made stucco walls of diamond bright. The use of liquid chlorine is too strong and actual takes out the flexibility of your vinyl turning it into something more like plastic.

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Caribbean Pools Website Now Up and Running-

Caribbean Pools Website Now Up and Running-

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    Over the years customers had few choices when investing in backyard swimming pools. On average, most consumers had to spend from $1,600 to $6,000 for an above ground pool or $25,000 – $32,000 for a base model in ground pool. Additionally, an in ground pool requires the inconvenience of a lengthy three to six month project that disrupts your lifestyle and turns your backyard into a construction site.